Notebook Paper 3ring Binder Pouch

Notebook Paper 3ring Binder Pouch

How cute is notebook paper that isn’t actually notebook paper? Super adorable cute.  I’m far out of grade school, I still love school supplies and have to check myself from buying binders, notebook paper, pencils, pens every Autumn. Kids these days have so many cute options, and even if they’ll all be taking notes on iPads in 2 years there’s something to the old school pen and paper. It’s still out I work out ideas and come up with ideas. Doodles are still a never ending source of brainstorming and inspiration. So yeah, I love paper. Notebook paper even more so. A blank sheet of paper can be intimidating but notebook paper is very much not intimidating. It begs you to break the rules and color outside the lines – start with the red margin line or doodle around the hole and let it crawl from there onto the page.

There are a lot of Etsy stores featuring notebook paper themed gifts and they always tickle my spirit. I really love this pencil case from printsnpatterns. I wanted something similar but wanted to add my own touch. I also wanted a chance to use a free embroidery foot I purchased. Last year I bought this 3 Ring binder pencil pouch from Alvin and I use it all the time, it’s so handy! So I have combined the two and created this adorable pouch. This one is customized for my niece.

Binder Pouch Sewn Notebook Paper
Sewn Notebook Paper – 3 Ring Binder Pouch


The paper fabric is a woven hemp I got at Dharma Trading and the grommets are just crappy Dritz ones. This was my first try and I had some of those in my craft cart but in more recent versions I’ve used a better quality eyelet/grommet and it looks a lot more professional.



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