Mix Contest at Weeklytrash

Weeklytrash.com is the home of an annual (ish) Mix Contest that I’ve been doing since 2002. I create theme ideas and challenges, recruit people to join and organize the musical submissions. Until this year, the mixes were done on physical CDs, this year it was digital using streaming music services such as Spotify, Youtube, and Soundstream. Weeklytrash.com houses the archives from all the years the contest has been run. I had an old rinky dink html site I’d been using to manage the site for years but needed an update for the newest incarnation of the contest/challenge. So decided to create this site in WordPress, scan all the old Mixes I could find, show the playlists, and make a proper archive. The next step will be to create digital playlists of the older hard copy mixes  (but I already have of my favorites – sssh!).

Mix Contest 2009

A a pile of mixes from the 2009 contest.