Little bird, big ol’ Pomelo

I had never tried a pomelo until a few weeks ago. They’re intimidating in size, for starters. Like a crazy giant grapefruit for the 9 foot tall and over set. I never really bothered to look into what they were, though I knew it was a citrus from the skin.  Then I read something about how the grapefruit is a descendant of the pomelo, and I have been obsessed with grapefruit lately – so got one, a pomelo. Well, actually, I got the training bra version, a “cocktail pomelo” which is about 1/2 the size of a regular pomelo –  slightly larger than a grapefruit.

The cocktail pomelo was nice, it had a yellow fruit like a regular grapefuit. That seemed to go ok, so the next week I got the real thing. Slightly smaller than a soccer ball, this pomelo is everything a grapefruit is, but bigger. There’s more pith, larger sacks, thicker membrane. I used this how to video as a guide and I think it took me 20 minutes to get all the segments out. I think I got about 3 cups of fruit worth, though.


pomelo palette